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We are a group of students and teachers who believe that the increasing gap between the rich and the poor poses an existential threat to the world security. Although the Global warming is also a major concern, we believe it s roots are also embedded in the roots of the Increasing prosperity gap crisis.

The Mission

Our mission therefore is to Reduce the Prosperity Gap by helping the other 99% become more prosperous.

The Plan

We are dedicated to the success of this mission by implementing the following SIMPLE five step sustainable solution:

STEP 1. Lending a helping hand via this HelpXchange platform. This is to jump start the journey on the path to prosperity

STEP 2. Help change the MINDSET of the other 99% to “Yes We Can” (Self-Reliance) rather than depending on others (especially the government). This is to build the confidence to persevere on this path

STEP 3. Help them make SMART decisions by :

  • a. Providing them with accurate, reliable, timely and relevant Information.
  • b. Teaching the art of smart decision making.
  • c. Learning to recognize ROGUE Institutions .Via the Globally Relevant Education And Training (GREAT) initiative)

This is to ensure efficiency. So that their efforts bear maximum fruit.

STEP 4. Once on the path to prosperity, PAYING Forward by lending a helping and to others who still need it . This is to ensure that this solution is sustained across the board .

STEP 5. Joining the Outstitootion community, a new World, Order of collaboration rather than competition with Prosperity for all, a virtual world (an online social platform of how we would like our world to be. This is to ensure that this solution is maintained through the generations.

The Benefactors (Helpers)

Now that we know who needs what we need to find the resources to satisfy these need. At this point it is important to establish the terms and conditions under which these needs are to be satisfied. The first and most critical point to understand here is that HelpXchange is NOT a charity. It is a facility to help people in need get back on their feet and ultimately become self sufficient. This means that any individual should be able to generate the resources it requires for its own prosperity. And since one needs resources one must be able to provide value in order to acquire the resources need.

AAS- Pioneers

This is a group of students and teachers dedicated to finding sustainable, innovative and affordable solutions to the problems responsible for the Prosperity Gap. HelpXchange is one such solution.


The PTO at AAS has been an amazing benefactor of numerous initiatives and we hope will be a willing participant in HelpXchange.