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Our Projects

Our Projects

We will accomplish our mission of reducing the Prosperity Gap one community at a time; Simultaneously we will attempt to address the other existential threat to our planet – Climate change and our environment, as a series of projects.

Project HelpXchange-AAS – for implementing HelpXchange at AAS championed by AAS Pioneers

Once HelpXchange is functional, it will be tested in the AAS community by streamlining all the initiatives at AAS for helping the community under one umbrella. This should bring transparency and accountability to all the initiatives and also IMPROVE their Impact and efficiency

Project Clean up – for a plastic free environment - Championed by Elena Pluta

One of the key threats to our global environment is the amount of plastic in our Garbage. The garbage then ends up in landfills, in Rivers and finally in the ocean. This is a multifaceted problem.

  1. We need to reduce if not eliminate the amount of garbage that goes in to the Garbage. While it is a huge problem, it is an easy problem to solve in expensively by getting all the people to NOT throw the plastic in the Garbage but in a separate bin. Of course each community has to play its part by creating and maintaining a system for disposing this plastic.
  2. We need to find ways to reduce the use of plastic so that we don’t have to add to the garbage in the first place. This will be one of AAS-Pioneers’s key missions.
  3. Work with the institutions (mainly producers which use plastic for packaging etc. to find ways to reduce the use of plastic.

Project GREAT – Globally Relevant Education And Training - Championed by Joseph Khan

One of the most important key factors in the achievement of PROSPERITY is education. However over the year the education system has become very effective in helping a minority of people succeeds on the path to prosperity but has become very ineffective for the majority of people. Consequently additional support is required to supplement the education for it to be effective for the majority or for those that eth current system leaves behind.

Project Rohingya Refugees Championed by Joseph Khan

We will accomplish our mission of reducing the Prosperity Gap one community at a time, as a series of projects.

Our goal is to help individuals who suffer from poverty in refuge camps where food, medical and shelter air is often limited as a result of civil war and limited capital reaching because of high quantity of donations involved in charities costs. HelpXchange will link charity associations with their benefactors with individuals who need help. When each party get access to the exchange site, create an account and communicate their needs, while charity associations will offer their help and it’s specification, information will be monitored so to incentives charities to reduce their costs (from donations) and increase the amount of capital aid reaching those who need it. HelpXchange has multiple benefits for all different stakeholders; -Charity organization will be able to distinguish themselves from competitors and have the possibility to grow in popularity with an awareness campaign that is transparent with all parties. -Benefactors by registering on the account can be sure of effectively contributing to the world instead of wasting their money to pay for unreached capital aid. -Individuals who need help can easily reach out to the world for a quicker and better possibility to escape poverty and hope for a better future with aids of all kinds such as business start-ups and medical aid. -Sponsors, external companies can join the exchange site to raise their popularity by joining in with an awareness campaign support to reduce poverty. -Owner of site will be able to make profits on sponsors put on the exchange site and through the account creation fees.