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The Xchange

The Xchange

This is where the Benefactors and the Recipients come together. Initially for our first prototype project we are using the Rohingya Community as our model.

The Beneficiaries (Refugees)

Of course the first thing we need to know is who needs help. Thus we need a mechanism to register each of the potential Beneficiaries, the Refugees. This will happen through the REGISTRATION process. As described earlier. Initially this will be by invitation only. So first we will invite the Supporters of the refugees to login and Register and then they will test the general Registration process to ensure that it will work and then we can open it to the HelpXchange community

The Catalogue (Inventory)

Once we establish who needs help, we need to identify the needs in order of priority and build a catalogue of products and services needed. The website/portal will have to provide a facility where such a catalogue could be built and maintained by various parties, such as the Beneficiaries ( the refugees themselves), the support staff and volunteers helping these refugees, the sponsors (NGOs / Charity organizations etc) involved with helping these refugees

Essential Needs:

  • Shelter
  • Clothes
  • Activities
  • Birth Control

Crirtical Needs:

  • Water.
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Tools
  • Soap
  • Lavatories